What She Said: ISS application submission

…a snippet from our application submission process…

October 2016

Getting back into the swing of school has taken over our lives. Time has definitely gotten away from me.  John sent us an article which highlighted the fact that the demand for international teachers is on the rise. Hopefully, this means our timing is right! John has answered so many of our questions about how to navigate the foreign world of finding a job overseas. He has helped lay the initial groundwork and now that we have spent some serious time making the decision on which agency fits us best, we are finally ready to apply.

We narrowed our preferences down to Search Associates and International School Services. Important considerations we pondered pertained to cost and locations of job fairs. An ISS membership costs $195 for two years (or until you are hired) in addition to the fact that each job fair costs extra to attend, plus transportation, hotel, etc. SA’s membership is $225 for three years (or until you are hired) plus extra for job fairs. The SA membership fee is marginally more expensive than ISS, however, the fair attendance fee is less. Instead of being concerned over the prices, we focused on job fair location and schedule. The ISS job fair schedule suited us better than SA’s schedule, so for us, it makes more sense. ISS wins! I think our plan is to attend the ISS fair in Atlanta in December and potentially San Francisco in February.  If we are lucky, we can get into the ISS iFair in November. In addition to attending these fairs, we intend on hitting up the UNI fair in Iowa in February.

Greg certainly has a lot of application paperwork in his future!

November 7, 2016

“YOU WILL SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BEFORE THIS ELECTION! I refuse to let your application be lost in a sea of last minute ditch-the-US applicants.”

(Greg, after much consternation: application submitted the evening of November 7, 2016.)

November 9, 2016

“This is why I made sure you submitted that application before this happened.”

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