Greg’s First International Teacher Interview

December 16, 2016

Today is the day: Greg’s first international teacher interview. It just also happens to be the coldest day of ever. Of course. The Twin Cities are under severe wind chill advisories with temperatures hovering around -16F. Brr. Also, unfortunately, Greg’s 2pm interview is during the Packer-Bears game. He doesn’t seem to think much about that, which is a clear sign he is pretty nervous. We spent loads of time pouring over the perfect outfit. Since it is frigid, he settled on a navy suit with a grey sweater vest and his maroon tie. I think he looked quite dapper! He definitely looks the part! (read: nerdy social studies teacher #swoon)

Here goes nothing

The interview is at a hotel all the way up in Maple Grove. After I dropped him off I had free time to enjoy some holiday shopping. I expected him to be done by 3:00pm. By 3:30pm I was surprised I hadn’t heard from him. By 4:00pm I was really shocked. At 4:30pm I noticed my phone had frozen and I panicked. I imagined a very angry Greg sitting in the entryway of the hotel festering over the fact that he had been trying to get ahold of me to no avail. Luckily I was nearby, but I rushed over to the hotel, preparing my speech to explain myself to him. In a panic, I busted into the hotel, frantically scouring the room for him, and see him nestled in a corner casually chatting away with the QSI representative. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? I’m NOT in trouble! And he’s still going strong!

After nearly three hours, I received another very enthusiastic call from Greg. The interview had gone really well! The representative is originally from Minnesota, used to be a Social Studies teacher, tried really hard to sell Greg on his school in Kazakhstan, and was also donning a sweater vest! This has to mean something! Greg really liked learning about QSI’s teaching philosophy. And he came home with a handful of pamphlets with more information. We expect to hear something from them before Christmas. At least they would be smart to make some sort of offer before UNI.


HOLY COW! Greg has been accepted into Bethel’s IB certification program! SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! He starts in January and will be done by May. In April he can determine whether or not he wants to interview to get into the two-year grad program.

With so much going on, Greg asked me to be his administrator. I already have spreadsheets created on Google Sheets outlining our to-do list as well as interview questions, and schools/positions for which we are interested in applying.

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