Fishing for schools

December 2016

I feel like we are fishing for schools! There haven’t been too many job postings on ISS. It’s early though. Most teachers do not need to let the schools know about their intention to leave until after the holiday break. I am surprised at how many openings there are in places we have essentially ruled out. Everybody keeps asking which countries we want to go. We decided NOT to choose a specific place because we want to eliminate being disappointed if (when) we don’t get there right away. We have, however, narrowed this wide world down to three regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Searching for a needle in a haystack

We found a new school in South Korea that we are really interested in. It’s on an island at the southern-most tip of the country, Jeju. The school is opening in 2017 and is part of South Korea’s multi-billion dollar project making the island of Jeju “Global Education City.” There are already three of seven proposed international schools on Jeju, and St Johnsbury is going to be the fourth. Jeju looks GORGEOUS! It has everything from beaches to volcanoes and palm trees and skiing. The pictures on Instagram are intoxicating. We love the idea of getting in with a school at the beginning. What a better place to start? John has a friend, David, who is currently working at another school on Jeju, that he has put us into contact with. David broke down the criteria his school follows for potential teachers. His school works on a 10-point scale. A prospective teacher needs to score at least 7 in order to even be considered. Greg scored a 5. That was a bit discouraging, but I am sure we will be able to find a match that will help catapult his score for future use. David has been such a huge asset and helped us gain a clearer idea as to where we rank among applicants. Huge thanks for the insider information!

Alternative options

I have discovered an entire school system on ISS that intrigues me. Quality Schools International (QSI). It seems as if QSI is based in Slovenia but operates numerous schools throughout 30+ countries. They are having a job fair in the Twin Cities mid-December. I have been scouring their website and asked John about them. He is wary of their reputation, telling me that QSI is much more conservative and “doesn’t let their teachers have any fun.” Regardless, an in is an in and it can’t hurt to check out the job fair.

Greg has a scheduled interview with a representative from QSI for December 16. We have no idea what to expect. Even though his resume has been updated and is already uploaded to ISS, I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. I have so much more flexibility using InDesign, that I decided to redesign his CV for his interview. This was a much more difficult task than anticipated. My favorite graphic designer, Paul, is such a huge help. He whipped a color palette out of nowhere and even offered up trendy fonts to use. Ultimately, I am quite pleased with my work. It took about two days to finesse it to a point I am proud of. But it is ready to be printed along with non-confidential references. Perhaps I should consider updating my own resume before UNI? Who has time for that? We are currently debating the pros and cons of registering myself for UNI. Its an added $50 for me to attend, and whereas I am certain it would be a good idea, we have yet to commit to it. I have until Jan 13 to decide.

Stay tuned to learn how Greg’s QSI interview went!

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