Where to begin: How to Find International Education Positions

The go-to professional resources you wish you had when you started your international education position search:

Once you finally make the decision to “take the next step” toward finding an international teaching job, where do you go next? The internet has a seemingly endless number of sites which tend to provide bits and pieces, but I found it frustratingly difficult to find a single resource with the majority of information for which I was looking. If you are a teacher, school counselor, or librarian, this handy list can help you fast-forward through the daunting process of vetting and bypass sifting through these less-than-helpful websites. If you are not a licensed teacher or if you are merely looking to teach English abroad, these sources will not be a good fit for you.

To be honest, there is tons of “free” information online about international teaching jobs, but the scary thing about it is that a vast majority of those schools are not necessarily ones that would be your top choices. Many of these schools may not have the funding to pay third-parties for recruiting and advertising. They are schools that probably do not cover your initial travel costs, provide housing, and in extreme cases, schools that may not pay what was promised. Many accredited international schools only recruit through the third-party sources listed below.

The hard truth about finding an ideal international teaching job is that you will need to make a significant investment of both time and money into the process, and ultimately it is not guaranteed you will get a job offer out of it. I have heard stories from teachers who put in the time and effort during fair season and who came up empty-handed by the end. While this is undoubtedly frustrating, your best option is to apply for one of the companies below to help start you on your way!

The following list highlights reputable services and job fairs that can help connect you with your dream job! Many of these services offer job fairs in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Job fairs and “recruitment” services

International School Services (ISS):

  • $195 + job fair registration (valid for 2 years or until a job is secured)
  • 300 schools in more than 150 countries

Search Associates: 

  • $225 + $75 job fair registration (valid for 3 years or until a job is secured)
  • +600 schools in 180 countries
  • Check out Art Teach Travel’s SA Bangkok fair experience

UNI: University of Northern Iowa Overseas Placement Service for Educators

  • $50 for access to the database and registration to attend February job fair in Iowa
  • Only works with approximately 120 American International Schools (no IB)
  • Read about Art Teach Travel’s UNI fair experience here

Carney Sandoe & Associates:

  • Truthfully, I know nothing about this organization and recently stumbled upon it
  • 1,800+ schools in 48 states and 32 countries

Quality Schools International (QSI):

  • Free
  • An international school system comprised of more than 35 schools spanning 30 countries

Council of International Schools (CIS):

  • A non-profit membership community committed to high quality international education
  • Represents 711 schools and 512 colleges and universities spanning 112 countries

The International Educator (TIE): 

  • Web Subscription $39/yr
  • A non-profit tailored to the international school market
  • TIE is also distributed in more than 650 school libraries worldwide

Association of American Schools in South America:

  • Membership non-profit focused on South American schools

Network of International Christian Schools: 

  • 18 schools in 15 countries
  • Christian-based education

Related Resources

International Schools Review (ISR):

  • $29/year
  • Great resource for educator/staff reviews of international schools and administration

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