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Hi! Welcome! Thanks for joining us! We are the Elsens and we are thrilled that you are here! We were just your average Midwestern couple until we decided it was time for another adventure. We are embarking on our first international teaching assignment: China. We have lived to tell the tale and now we want to share it with you!

Elsens explore Chicago
Elsens explore Chicago

Meet her: Some call me the stingray lady, but you can call me Katrina. I am a survivor of an unfortunate encounter with a vengeful stingray I met while honeymooning in the Seychelles. Doctors spanning three continents all agree: “Its either a great trip or a great story!” Ask me about it sometime!

I am perpetually curious about the world around me. I have insatiable wanderlust. And I have a habit of always exploring what lies around every corner, sometimes to the disgruntlement of my aforementioned husband.                              

The travel bug bit me at an early age. My uncle moved to an international school in Singapore when I was in sixth grade. As I grew older, his job lead him to South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and back to Europe. I was born with that same gypsy soul. I just needed to wait for the perfect time to set it free. I am not a teacher by trade, but as luck would have it, our new school saw potential and offered me a (part-time) job teaching! Please join me as I valiantly attempt to navigate a new profession in a new country!


Elsens take on Macchu Picchu

Meet him: Insert something witty about general awesomeness.

I am a naturally curious person. I want to understand my world and how I can make it a better place. I became a teacher because of this curiosity as well as my love of working with kids. This passion for learning and teaching has brought me all over the world and has given me the opportunity to work with students in a wide range of settings. The most important lesson I have learned as a teacher is that kids are kids, no matter where you are, and I am excited to begin the next chapter of this story.

I have been a professional teacher for six years now. I have taught middle school, high school, and I have even taught online. I was fortunate to complete my student teaching in Mexico. No matter where I have been, the students are the same and I have always found joy in ensuring every moment of our time together is one that will make their lives better. Outside of the world of teaching, I have been fortunate to find an amazing wife who is just as curious and excited to learn about the world as I am. Probably more so. We love to travel and have both experienced living abroad for extended periods of time. We are excited to discover new places and obtain a deeper understanding of foreign cultures in ways that simply cannot be by just visiting. I am Greg. My wife is Katrina. We are the Elsens and we believe it is time for another adventure.