Step one: Acceptance

our ISS acceptance story
November 18, 2016

Waiting for a response has been difficult. But, Greg shared the following note with me today!

Dear Greg,

This is Ashley and I am very excited to tell you that your ISS recruiting status is now ACTIVE! The ISS Global Community welcomes you! 

Before I begin I must tell you that Katrina’s Partner Statement is the best EVER!  I could not stop smiling!  I am so excited for you guys to start this adventure.  You definitely have the right mind set.”

I could not be more thrilled! I spent so much time and effort on that statement, I am incredibly proud that my work is valued and appreciated! We were hoping to be accepted before the job fair tomorrow. With the world of ISS at our fingertips, we have already tried registering for the iFair online. Apparently registration closes 24 hours in advance and we missed the cut off. We are bummed, but we have been accepted and we have to remain positive. I have already been pouring over the database checking out the open positions. Greg emailed his ISS rep to see if he can still participate in the iFair. I guess we can only wait to see if she replies.

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