What She Said: The Beginning

August 2016

Alright. We’ve made the decision. It’s time for another adventure.

Where do we go from here?

September 2016

A new school year has started for Greg and has officially consumed all of his time, energy, and focus. It’s always a challenge getting back into the swing of things. Since he is the “teacher” and “the one” who will ultimately get “the job” overseas, and since this was all originally “my long-term goal,” I have been doing the majority of the research on how we even begin this crazy process. This, hopefully, will allow me to be more hands on throughout this process, considering I will be “the dependent” and therefore be of very little help procuring a job. Lucky me! But we want this, and it is a small sacrifice for the ultimate goal.  

Where to begin? #overwhelmed

Sometimes the internet can be your friend. Sometimes it will be your enemy. Searching for information about international teaching online sends one in many different directions, most of them seem to be less legitimate than anticipated. Many of the sites focus on teaching English overseas. Alright, not quite what we are aiming for.


I am beyond blessed to have an old pro at my disposal: Uncle John, to the rescue! For years John has been preparing me for this moment. Constantly sending us photos of exotic travels, numerous holidays. and sun-soaked summers has finally convinced us we need that, too! Luckily for us, he was more than obliging and gave us the inside scoop!

Stay tuned for more information on becoming an Expat Educator!

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